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May 22, 2015 15:04

PM Updates Their Catalog Bike

You may Perhaps recall this beauty from the cover of Performance Machine’s 2009 catalog After three years of the same thing, they got a little restless and decided to try out some new tricks and ended up with something entirely new and utterly unique. 

This Rocker went from stylish and sleek to head-turning and unabashedly in-your-face, courtesy of an electric blue custom finish job and 26” Shock front wheel, touching on two of the biggest trends we have seen in recent months. And while that impossible-to-miss front wheel is obviously the star of this show, this bad boy features a wide array of the most elite parts PM has to offer, listed here for your convenience, that are surefire scene stealers in their own right.

This finely-tuned fusion of art and engineering will be making the rounds with the PM truck this year, so be sure to stop by the PM booth at any of theevents they are making appearances at this year and check it out in person!

For more information, or to go ahead and take the plunge and make your fantasy ride a reality, talk to a sales representative at (800) 479-4037 or check out the PM website today by hitting the ad below.


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